I really like what Mike D’Angelo does with his Twitter account. I will try and write a little about whatever movies I’m watching. I may possibly blog about going dancing, though. Which I do all the time.

To start, let me mention that The Wire is – easily – the greatest show that television has produced, and the final season (Season 5, currently airing) keeps that tradition alive.

The New Beverly is currently showing Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons, and the double feature continues into this weekend. If you’re in town, how often do you have the chance to see Ambersons on the big screen? Totally worth the seven dollars, and they just got new carpet and a paint job.

I purchased The TV Set on Jeremy’s recommendation (I have to fight typing Beaks now that he’s outed himself.) A very insider film, it reeks of truth, and a lot of Apatow. It’s funny, but the insight gleaned into the making and unmaking of most TV shows is likely as honest as it gets. If you love Freaks and Geeks, or Undeclared, it’s a must see.

Like all blogs I’ve started, I hope to figure this one out, and then abandon it two years down the line.