Throw.A few months ago, a promo still for Get Smart revealed Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway in clothes and a room. Today, a new teaser for Get Smart shows Steve Carrell sans beard, heavy CGI effects and a sequel no one asked for making his phone booth debut as Maxwell Smart, demonstrating the "be smarter than the door" joke continues to weather the storms of overuse and time.

There’s a pretty funny gag jimmied into this thing right behind a running Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, a striding Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23 and a glancing Alan Arkin as The Chief, but beyond that, it’s a teaser, so manage your expectations there.

I’m still trying to gauge whether this latest attempt at TV franchise resuscitation through film will meet with any kind of interest, or get lost ala The Avengers, Bewitched and The Honeymooners. I’m not totally turned off by the idea of Get Smart: The Movie! despite a general onset of exhaustion every time I hear of a TV show being given movie treatment, but the teaser isn’t giving anything to get excited about either.

In the meant time, listen to the updated Get Smart theme while viewing the teaser here.*

* If that fails, try here.