It’s to Justin Timberlake’s credit that he almost makes the scenes in Trouble With The Curve in which he appears worth watching, and that he’s truly completed his arc from “musician-turned-actor” to simply “musician, actor.” The guy’s great, so it’s nice to hear about a dramatic(ish) project being developed around him…

The Last Drop is a Blacklist script project being developed by Peter Sollett (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) as a dramatic romance comedy (I’m not typing “rom-dramedy”  …wait, shit). It will follow a New York food critic who, while functional and charismatic, has a serious drinking problem that he’ll need to conquer if he wants to make it work with the woman he’s recently fallen in love with.

It’s easy to imagine Timberlake knocking this one out of the park. He’s got a firm handle on vulnerable charisma, and even his rough early performance in Black Snake Moan sold “damaged” effectively.


Source | Variety (via MTV)