For 17 years Ira Glass has been bringing us stories illustrating the American condition with popular publicly syndicated radio show This American Life. It’s no surprise the acclaimed personality was drawn to a project like Sleepwalk with Me – a film written, directed by and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia in which Glass served as producer and writer. If the story seemed interesting to Glass, it’s wholeheartedly personal to Mr. Birbiglia. Loosely autobiographical and recounting his own rise to prominence as well as his battle with sleepwalking, Sleepwalk shows Birbiglia struggling to make his way in the world as his relationship with his fiancée slowly degrades (check out Renn’s SXSW flash review).

As a purveyor of stories both challenging and thought-provoking, the independent comedy speaks to Glass’ curiosity – a trait evidenced as our sit down interview began. Full disclosure, I arrived at the interview unaware of the fact I had a blue mouth – having just enjoyed a sucker on my way from cashing a check at the bank. Of course, Glass’ trademark curiosity got the best of him as we broke the ice and began discussing this excellent film.

Sleepwalk with Me is currently enjoying a limited release; I highly suggest seeking it out if it’s playing nearby: