One of the biggest controversies in Spider-Man’s jump to the big screen was the abandonment of the hero’s traditional, mechanical web shooters for a more organic approach. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man may have been the film that did it first, but the idea actually first came from James “TITAVITAR” Cameron who worked it into one of his early ’90s treatments for the eventual adaptation.

But wait! Raimi actually did think about using mechanical web-shooters, going so far as to film the damn things. As this early trailer (seen only at E3 2001) illustrates, Peter Parker experimented briefly with mechanical web shooters (in college) but seemed to have abandoned it after realizingĀ it just wasn’t for him. I assume that the plan was always for Tobey Maguire’s Peter to shoot organic. These bracelets would have simply assisted him. Still, a very cool piece of “go figure” info on a slow news day:

Source: Comic Book Movie via Slashfilm