word out of Cannes this year was that Leonardo DiCaprio’s we-all-gonna-die environmental documentary, 11th Hour, plays like a well-intentioned, well-researched, somewhat somnambulant companion piece to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – which sounds about right. It’s always huntin’ season whenever a major movie star attaches himself to a cause, so the smartest course of action is to affect a deathly serious disposition and go heavy on the facts: for example, think of how aggressively prepared George Clooney was at the outset of Good Night and Good Luck‘s publicity campaign; he came off like a tenured professor of broadcast journalism in every interview lest he be accused of dilettantism (though it did kinda help that his pops is a regional television legend in Kentucky).

There may be a touch of vanity to these tortured expressions of troubled celebrity conscience, but at least these guys aren’t tackling shortsighted, slogan-ready causes. I especially like how Leo is attacking the "green" game; rather than simply make the talk show rounds and appear at rallies, he’s assembled an unimpeachable group of experts to throw down at length on an issue that can’t be broken down into soundbites. The big ideas do tend to sound much more convincing when they’re not spilling from the mouth of a guy who first caught our attention playing a retard. (This isn’t to say Leo can’t get his mind around difficult concepts; it’s just that he’s got baggage – loud, drooling, arm-flailing baggage.)

While 11th Hour‘s just-posted-to-MySpace trailer is very top-heavy with proclamations of doom ("Not only is it the 11th hour, it’s 11:59"), I’m told that, once again, this is not at all representative of the film’s measured tone. Whether that’ll keep the film from making An Inconvenient Truth-type coin, we’ll just have to wait and see!!! And if you thought Leo could hit MySpace for the first time and not draw out the crazies…


My comment may lack orginality,
but I think you’re a fantastic actor, all your roles have inspired me in some way, and what you’re doing now with the environment, is just too amazing.
I’d just like to say thank you. ?

Vessey Mink

Leo I love you!
Thanks for being an inspiring role model for people all over the world…especially the children. They need you! You are the Global Green Warrior of Change! Rock On!


Hi leo…
im ur biggest fan u know…
I admire you doing this and helping educate people about the enviroment.
I’m looking forward to seeing The 11th Hour.
Keep up doing the same!

ur biggest fan in Malaysia,


I think it is wonderful that you care so much about our planet! More people should think like you. I cant wait to see the new film! Truely Inspired! Fuck me sometime, okay?


I like new layout your myspace. I’m sad for the world. I hope my island in Indonesia no missing. In Indonesia, season no plain. A long time age, rain season 6 month, dry monson 6 month. Now, no like that, rain season … maybe 8 or 12 month. Sometime, 4 dry monson. Weather very hot. Congrutalion your campaign and success. You want, I sit on face big boy. Make sexy mess.