It’s times like this I wish I was still in Los Angeles.

Those of you who dwell in LA? You know the power of the New Beverly Cinema. Those of you who read CHUD know of the hold it has on many of our contributors and the West Coast Chewer contingent who love them. The New Beverly has a consistently amazing calendar of screenings and special events. But when you’re a dork like me, one becomes so immensely epic that I start seriously thinking about selling my blood and talking to Bill Shatner about booking a flight.

January 17th, 2009 sees The New Beverly unleash a A SWORD AND SORCERY TRIPLE FEATURE!

We begin the evening with Conan the Barbarian. We end it with the amazing Yor: Hunter from the Future. But smooshed in between those classics of barbarian bloodletting sits one of my very favorite films…

You may remember the Sewer Subterranea column I dedicated to the film…I may have pummeled you with my love for its star – the one and only John Terlesky. Now…you can experience the magic for yourself via a 35mm print of the Corman classic – with the film’s director Sir James Wynorski in attendance!Joining him is the immortal Deathstalker himself – John “J.T.” Terlesky. I just peed myself a little.

As of now, the schedule is is TBA, but I thought you might need a bit of a heads-up to prepare for this amazing evening.Visit The New Beverly Cinema to see the films projected before you, and hear the lamentations of the audience.

Check out the Deathstalker II Sewer Subterranea.