coolest thing about Transformers was the teaser for Cloverfield. Or the Untitled
J. J. Abrams Project
. Or, as the title may now actually be,
1-18-08. A website bearing that name and URL ( has
surfaced featuring only a still from the teaser watermarked with the date. And
Paramount’s marketers aren’t as
geek-friendly as Warner Brothers’; viewing the page source doesn’t reveal any
hidden code, info or URLs.

If you
haven’t seen the widely bootlegged teaser yet, it’s a seemingly low-fi clip
shot on a consumer digital camcorder, ostensibly chronicling a New Yorker’s
farewell party. The apartment unexpectedly shakes, the lights dim and a
television broadcast suggests the event might have been an earthquake…and then
we hear something. On the roof and then down on the
street the larger-than-intimate scale of Abram’s project is revealed: an
explosion in
Manhattan sends chunks of debris (or
something) flying into buildings, and then the head of the Statue of Liberty
lands in the street.

Is it The
Blair Witch Project
meets War of the Worlds? Certainly seems so from the
limited info on display so far. No matter what the film actually is, or what it’s
called, you’ve got to give Paramount’s marketers (and probably the legal team)
credit for keeping things under wraps this long, and for stringing us along in
an entertaining way.