Would Evangeline Lilly make an attractive hobbit? The answer, while mildly disturbing to ponder, is most certainly. Thankfully Peter Jackson saw fit to cast the LOST actress in the role of Tauriel the Woodland Elf, daughter of Mirkwood and head of the Elven Guard. It’s worth noting that this character is beholden to the films, as Tauriel is never mentioned in the Tolkien books. The image we’re looking at here actually comes from the packaging on a Hobbit toy.

At some point in the new series Tauriel is believed to be sharing the screen with a returning Orlando Bloom as Legolas. It’s worth pointing out that the bow and two daggers she utilizes in this new Hobbit trilogy reportedly look very similar to ones employed by Legolas in the Rings films. So take that for what it’s worth. Look for Lilly to show up sparingly in the first film and see her role expand in the final two installments.

Source:  The One Ring via Slashfilm