Sure, the poster for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie looks a little like Chipmunkz ‘n Tha Hood, but remember where these characters came from: goofy novelty rock ‘n roll records made by Ross Bagdasarian. Alvin wanted a hula hoop, the big fad of 1958; if Bagdasarian was recording his voice sped up today, he’d certainly have Alvin wished for some platinum grillz. Of course the Chipmunks on the poster look like they’re decked out circa Wild Style, but hey, White People.

The big issue here is Jason Lee’s stern face; I like to imagine him passing this poster in a movie theater and looking into his own eyes and realizing that the look he’s giving himself is ‘How’s the pissing on your career coming?’ It’s important to note that Lee’s recent descent into kiddie krap (he’s in Underdog too) comes after he had a child (given the incredibly rotten moniker of Pilot Inspektor) – every comic actor who has a kid seems drawn to making absolute shit. Look at what progeny has done to Ben Stiller.

By the way, anyone who worries what this movie will do to their memories of the cartoons and stuff, feel free to off yourself at the earliest opportunity.