Barry Sonnenfeld has been hired to direct Lore.  The script, which was the subject of a bidding war earlier in the year, is based on a science fiction graphic novel.  The plot has been described as “Men In Black with mythological creatures“, so it’s no wonder that Barry has been attached to the property.  Given that he mostly knocked Men In Black 3 out of the park earlier this year, in spite of a deeply troubled production, I’m sure he’ll have no problem doing the same here.  And with Dwayne Johnson in the lead, no less!  No word has been given yet on when this will go into production, but it looks like it will probably be Dwayne’s next after he finishes up work on Fast Six.

Positives aside, what does this project sound like to you?  Let’s look at that logline again: “It’s Men In Black, but with mythological creatures!”.  Nice wording there, Brothers Warner.  Does that sound familiar to you?  If your answer happens to be “no”, how about now…

I’m not saying Lore shouldn’t happen.  I would never turn down a Hellboy/MIB-riff starring Dwayne Johnson and Sonnenfeld has given us quite a few fun films.  That said, can we stop pretending this is some wonderfully original notion, WB?

Source | THR