a little while now, newly minted rap-tor David Banner has been spreading the
word that he’s been gunning for a part in The Dark Knight, specifically for a
criminal goon known as Gamble. Between MTV and various hip-hop websites
spreading the news, you’d think it was all but a sure thing, but they aren’t
the trades, and Banner’s inclusion in the film (despite his superhero-inspired
rapper name) was far from a lock. Now, comes word that Banner’s fallen at
the hands of yet another onscreen superhero, namely on Michael Jai White, or as
Todd MacFarlane calls him, Spawn.

has finally landed the role of Gamble, and there’s some new info on exactly who
the character is aside from just a generic baddie. Apparently, Gamble will be one of a
number of new underworld bosses that are trying to control the streets of
Gotham in the power vacuum left by the departure of Carmine Falcone. Thus, Bats
will be dividing his time between dealing with The Joker and the newly
resurgent street criminal threat facing him. That being said, I wouldn’t expect
any lengthy showcases of White’s real-life fancy martial arts skills. It’s not like he didn’t offer them to the producers…

course, none of you really care about
this film. Obviously, everyone is
sitting around awaiting news on what this will mean to the prospects of the Spawn
sequel that’s sure to start up production any
day now
if you listen to Todd MacFarlane. I wish I had some more concrete
answers for you there, but take solace in this: If White should prove solidly booked
between Batman sequels and further DTV installments of the Undisputed franchise, I hear
Brandon Routh is available. Oh, and affordable. And yes, I am just talking
about as an actor, you naughty little perverts.