movie apart was all they could take. The cast list for
Woody Allen’s next film, to be shot in Spain,
has been released, and headlining once again is Scarlett Johansson. Rounding
out the cast is Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Patricia Clarkson, Kevin Dunn, Chris
Messina, Zak Orth and Pablo Schreiber.

The cast was announced at a press conference in Barcelona,
where the untitled movie will shoot. “I hope I can present Barcelona
to the world as I see it, the same way I presented
to the world as I saw it with my eyes,”
said the Woodman. “I want to write a
love letter to
Barcelona and from Barcelona
to the world.”

As always, jack shit is known about the film’s plot or
concept. Woody’s movies always stay admirably secret; I guess because there’s
no drooling army of dweebs hot for every last detail. Which is too bad, and it’s
too bad that Woody’s shooting films in Europe not because
he wants to but because he can’t get funding otherwise. Even though his later
films can’t hold a candle to stuff from even fifteen years ago, Woody Allen is
one of the cinematic treasures of the United States,
and the way we treat him and his work is shameful at best. Hell, there’s a statue of the man in Oviedo, Spain… why isn’t there one in his home town of New York?