Richard BrakeThe currently filming Thor: The Dark World has added two more to its fantastical ranks:  Richard Brake (Doom, Detention) and Clive Russell (The 13th Warrior, The Wolfman).

Brake will be portraying the captain of the Einherjar.  In the comics, the Einherjar trained Thor and his brothers while they were young.  Their leader is Ander and one can only assume that is who Brake is playing.  Russell will be taking on the role of Tyr, one of Thor and Loki’s older siblings.  As with Loki nowadays, Thor never really got along with Tyr, so don’t be surprised if some more brotherly issues arise.

Clive RussellWhat does any of this mean?  To me it signals that Kevin Feige & Co. are keeping their promise of Thor’s next adventure taking place primarily outside of Earth and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.  This franchise has the potential to be Marvel’s Lord of the Rings-esque saga and to not capitalize on that potential would simply be moronic.  Despite being somewhat lackluster in its storytelling, Thor was held together by an excellent troupe of actors.  It seems they are now finally being given a story worthy or their presence, which brings a massive smile to my face.  The wait for November 2013 seems to grow longer with each passing announcement.

Source | Deadline