As the release of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln draws closer, movement has slowly begun on his next project:  Robopocalypse (2014).  The sci-fi actioner revolves around the aftermath of a robot uprising against humanity.  Given the size (and expense) of the film, Dreamworks sought a distribution partner awhile back.  One it found in Fox, courtesy of soon-to-be-former head Tom Rothman.  It seems Steven has no forgotten his old comrade and has hired him to produce his new sci-fi epic.

In addition to Rothman’s involvement, the project is beginning to zero in on its cast.  Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway are currently in talks for the two leads.  Whether they are signed or not, expect things to come together rather quickly on this one.  The film is expected to begin shooting early next year and is currently targeting an April 24th, 2014 release.

UPDATE: Ben Whishaw is in negotiations to join the cast as well.

Source | Variety, THR