A few days ago I speculated that the script for Prisoners had been rewritten to change the sex of the detective out to stop Hugh Jackman’s vigilante justice and that perhaps that was the role that Melissa Leo had been cast in.  I was wrong!  Jake Gyllenhaal is currently in negotiations to take on the role of the “big city detective” who butts heads with Keller (Jackman) as he tries to do what the police have seemingly failed at:  find his daughter and friend, as well as their captor.  Gyllenhaal has circled the project previously and passed, but it looks like the prospect of re-teaming with director Denis Villeneuve (An Enemy) has rekindled his interest in it.

Once again, the film is scheduled for a November 2013 release and is expected to begin filming after Hugh finishes his current Wolverine work.

Source | Variety