Since last fall, George Romero has been back in Canada, shooting Diary of the Dead in and around Toronto. In case you missed news of the flick, this isn’t Dead movie number five in a chronological sense. Diary follows a group of students who were making a movie in the woods at the time of the original Night of the Living Dead. Attacked by zombies, their story tells the Night tale from a different angle.

So this is the reboot. And based on the email Romero sent to Harry at AICN, the guy is giddy with the results so far. There aren’t a lot of details about the film itself, but "I love it. It’s the first film since my original Night of the Living Dead that I can say is completely my own," and "Truth is, I’m having a blast. I’ve gone home to the kind of filmmaking that I used to do, back in the day," should get even the people who didn’t dig Land of the Dead at least vaguely interested in this all-independent chapter.

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