This picture is too adorable for me to handle.

Yeah well, if the President liked my movie I’d probably make another one too.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild is absolutely one of the best movies of the year, and one that I hope any of you interested in it have had an opportunity to see, or will soon. I really don’t know what kind of Oscar chances it has, but any justice in the universe will have as big a spotlight as possible put on the little film about a partially flooded town of people living off the land in a Louisiana swamp. Star Quvenzhané Wallis is the incredible warm center of the film, and I hope she has a long, rewarding career in front of her.

In any event, the film is not getting a sequel so to speak, but director Benh Zeitlin wants to do it all again as he plans to take the cast and crew back to Louisiana to make another film about an isolated environment- this time with even more fantastical elements involved. There’s no title or synopsis, save for the briefest of descriptions…

Beasts of the Southern Wild” director Benh Zeitlin is working on his next film — a Louisiana-made fable about a hidden ecosystem where the aging process is “out of whack” and people can age quickly or very slowly.

That should make reader Casey Moore happy!

And really, it should make us all happy. Zeitlin is a valuable new visionary, and I can’t wait to see what he can do again in a playground of proven beauty.


Source | AP (via Film Stage)