I was under the impression going in today that Adele was a confirmed done deal to produce the new Bond theme for Skyfall, but Muse sure doesn’t want to hear that.

According to GigWise, the band is actively pushing the track I’ve embedded down below for consideration as the Skyfall theme. It’s called Supremacy and it rides the Bond vibe with little to no subtlety- they cite Live And Let Die as the big inspiration. It’s a great track if you’re into Muse, though I feel like it might be a little less tight than a Bond song should be. Considering it’s only twenty or so seconds longer than Another Way To Die, I’m pretty much pulling that out of my ass though.

The only thing that pushes this pure delusion into actual substantial rumor-worth-mentioning is that Muse just so happens to be scheduled to play SNL on the night Daniel Craig hosts (October 6th). That’s kind of a thing one would think, but it’s a far cry from real investigative journalism, so don’t pin your hopes on it too strongly.

Regardless, have a listen and keep your ears open. It’s strange that a band would do a Bond spec track, but maybe it will work out just right. And if not, I’m sure Adele will deliver a decent-enough old school Bondian theme  that we’ll all hear in grocery stores endlessly.

For good measure, here are the last two Bond tracks as well. I like them both, though Jack White’s whole analog aesthetic falters here, as the duet sounds like the two are singing into a tin can. The song itself is great- just a weird weird mix.

And then there’s Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name, which is amazing. Seriously love this track, along with the spectacular opening credits- some of the best ever for a Bond film.

Thanks to Dan Marcus