There’s something about these taglines and clunky title designs that make me think of trading cards from the 90s when I look at these new Argo posters. They build on each other, as you can see, but even together they have a weird feeling to them.

Frankly that does match the tone of the advertising in a strange way, which has balanced the super-duper serious face political drama with the kooky Hollywood stuff. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the film and how it ultimately balances such things, but one can’t help but feel a little struggle in the marketing.

I’ve personally heard some top WB brass express healthy confidence in Argo and its commercial and critical future. Its October 12th release is somewhat early in the awards season, so it really will have to pick up some momentum to pull off gold, but who cares? The film is said to be great- that’s the exciting news.

Still, I’d like to see ole Ben do well, so some shaper marketing would be nice. For example, the Goodman poster is cute, but I don’t know what a random theater-goer is going to take from that.

Source | JoBlo