Back in March word dropped that MGM was interested in bringing the 1996 Coen Brothers masterpiece Fargo to FX.  All the requisite vague buzz words were thrown around – “interested,” “in talks,” “considering,” etc – but there was nothing substantial to report.

Until now!

It seems that FX and MGM closed that deal after all and the network is developing an hour-long series “loosely based” on our favorite little snowy noir.  The substantial bits this time around are that Noah Hawley (of Bones, The Unusuals and My Generation “fame”) will write and share an executive producing credit with TV Hall-Of-Famer Warren Littlefield.

Some of you may remember the Edie-Falco-starring/Kathy-Bates-directed pilot that MGM spearheaded a few years ago that – obviously – evaporated.  The biggest difference between that project in this?  Bates’ didn’t have the Coens themselves in the credits, and it’s Joel and Ethan’s inclusion here that immediately gives the project some legitimacy, not to mention that “oooooo” factor.

Personally I’m pretty excited.  The hour-long drama has become one of the most important/valuable properties on television and it’s because of networks like FX that understand that well-crafted labors of love prove to be far more successful in the long-run than hastily thrown together cash grabs.  Until we start to get word on cast and crew, the only player without a pedigree is Hawley, but hopefully being surrounded by the talent that’s already assembled will inspire him to bring his A-Game.  We’ll bring you more as there’s more to bring!

Source | /Film