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In April,
we got our first glimpse at The Bourne Ultimatum with a teaser
that was indeed nifty, but also half rehash of the two preceding films.
Finally, the full trailer is out, and it’s slightly less action-oriented, but
just as kickass. It’s also just as lacking in Paddy Considine, but that’s
compensated for with a small dose of the pummeled-by-time visage of one Scott

it’s a solid piece that emphasizes David Strathairn’s Noah Vosen as the focal
point this time out. He’s supposedly the Man when it comes to the spy program
that created Bourne, and he’s also Bourne’s forgotten mentor/trainer. Thus, we
get the now seemingly obligatory scene where Bourne gets on the phone with a
superior (Vosen, in this case) and scares the crap out of them by revealing himself to be in a most
inconvenient location where they least expect him. Couple that with flashes of
destruction-laden car chases and surprisingly lucid martial arts fights (Bourne’s
tussle with Martin Csokas in part deux remains one of the most indecipherable moments
on film in recent memory), and you’ve got yourself a standard issue Bourne
piece that lets you know you’ll be getting more of the same. And considering
how fresh and innovative The Bourne Supremacy is, that’s not
a problem.

intrigue hits theaters August 3, and you can check out the new trailer in your
choice of Quicktime formats
right here.

Note from Devin: Those are the international trailers. For the kick-ass American trailer, check out the Apple site right here. And keep in mind this film’s cool narrative conceit – most of it takes place between the time Bourne leaves Russia and gets to New York at the end of the last film!