I’m more than a little surprised that the marketing folks behind Robocop have yet to release an official still of this new robo-fitted Alex Murphy. This steady stream of set pics we’re enduring aren’t instilling much faith among the unconverted. Seeing Murphy in some professionally doctored context might do the production a great service at this point.

A few things that I believe are safe in confirming here: 1. The pics Renn ran two weeks ago were in fact our first glimpse at the new Robocop, and 2.  It looks like OCP actually was able to save one of the arms this time around (note RC’s right hand in both this picture as well as what we’ve seen previously).

It’s a small gripe, but what’s the point of keeping the hand? And what’s stopping the bad guys from aiming for it with extreme prejudice? If one were trying to slow down Robocop, you could do worse than aiming for the fleshy parts. It’s one of those old loopholes that every masked superhero takes advantage of –the exposed mouth is apparently impervious to bullets. But the hand?

Still, I think the robe is an inspired look. This is a laid back Robocop, one who likes to stay comfortable and warm in his off hours. It’s reassuring to know that, in a future where man and machine merge as one, it’s still not terribly hard for a guy to get a decent bathrobe from Kohl’s.

Source: Just Jared via Slashfilm