most actors the dilemma about taking a superhero franchise role is whether or not that part will typecast them forever. Brandon Routh, meanwhile, is just worried about get cast – the guy’s career has been suspiciously quiet ever since Superman Returns came out. It’s been a year since that movie was released and he’s done nothing except for a part in the ensemble film Life Is Hot in Cracktown. And with The Man of Steel starting – if it does – next year, Routh still has nothing else big coming up.

So it’s no surprise that when IESB caught up with Routh they found him very, very anxious to get back into his blue and red tights. The guy has a rent to pay, after all, and valet parking isn’t the lucrative career some of you might think. And when asked whether he would be interested in playing Superman in a Justice League movie he said – and hold on for this stunner – that he’d love to be in it. And that he’d be excited to play Superman opposite Christian Bale’s Batman. Bale was too busy working in movies to comment.

In the end Routh knows nothing more about Justice League than we do, and possibly less than some journalists, to be frank. There was talk of a Superman curse, but who knew that this time it would kill a man’s career?