Principal photography on Iron Man is finished; I’m kind of excited to see what Paramount is going to bring to Comic Con. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for ‘dude in the Iron Man suit,’ but I’ll settle for neat footage. Meanwhile, we’ve been chastised for not running the news that Hillary Swank is doing a cameo in the movie, but let’s be honest, Hillary Swank is in the Cuba Gooding Jr school of actors who fuck up after Oscar wins. Who cares if she’s doing a cameo in the movie? That scene will likely be the worst in the film, unless she’s playing herself on a date with Tony Stark and she says what a crybaby Chad Lowe is. Then I will give this film a 10/10 score.

Anyway, the next phase of Iron Man has begun, and that phase includes this teaser poster snapped by some foreign dudes at a foreign film site. I can’t seem to get that site to load reliably, so while you should click here to see the picture where it originated, I’ve reproduced the whole image to the right.

Our own Jeremy Smith was on the set of Iron Man, so here’s hoping that Paramount lets him write something up soon. I’m sure you’re going to like what he has to say.