, remember when I told you that Shia LaBeouf’s character in Indiana Jones IV (now revealed to be named Mutt Ravenwood, grandson of Abner Ravenwood, played in Indy IV by John Hurt) was a motorcycle riding greaser in a leather jacket and jeans? Well, while I can’t share with you the photos of Shia in costume for fear of losing a good person a good job, I can show you these pics of Shia’s stunt double giving Harrison Ford’s stunt double a ride on the back of his hog.

Tom Tomorrow, cartoonist of This Modern World, has captured some pics of how New Haven has been returned to the 1950s, and while he’s mostly interested in sets and stuff, he did snap pics of the doubles in action… and of a statue with a missing head. Wonder why that head is gone. Could it have anything to do with a crystal skull? Hmmm.

Click here to see all of Tom’s pictures. Keep your eyes on this space for more info on the movie coming soon.