If Devin wasn’t moving to L.A. in the next couple of weeks, he might have been able to cover this year’s 45th annual New York Film Festival, in which case he would have been among the first to see Wes Anderson’s new The Darjeeling Limited, which opens the festival on September 28.

As is so often the case with Anderson’s movies, not much is known about Darjeeling, which stars Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman as three brothers on a journey through India. Anjelica Huston and Natalie Portman are also in the cast, which might also include a cameo by Bill Murray. Or it might not.

Anderson wrote the film with Wilson Schwartzman and Roman Coppola, who hopefully injected a little bit of the Bava love that characterized CQ. NYC Film Fest director Richard "No Relation To Elizabeth" Pena says, "It represents a big step for Wes. I hate to use the word ‘matured,’ but
the humor and whimsy he uses is sharper, better focused and
used more effectively.

The film will get a New York release on September 29 courtesy of Fox Searchlight. Now let’s have a trailer. Please?