Kick-Ass is a movie I thoroughly loved when I saw it back in April of 2010, but as I’ve gone on, it definitely has become something that I still like a lot, but it’s not as astounding as I remember it being. It’s still a whole lot of fun though.

I never read the initial Kick-Ass comic, but I did pick up the sequel comic, and that one certainly takes things in a more darker direction. A darker direction that has Kick-Ass join up with a squad of “superheroes” that call themselves JUSTICE FOREVER, and are lead by a guy who calls himself Colonel Stars. A character played by Jim Carrey. Here’s our first look at him.

I’m hoping that since Carrey is in the role, Colonel Stars will play a larger part in the movie than in the comic, because, well, he’s not around for as long as you want him to be, and he’s a really interesting character too.

Also of interest, is that it was never “official news” that Carrey was joining the cast. It was announced on Twitter via a series of hints that still never directly connected him to the role/film. It is an interesting change of pace for him, and I hope this leads to a career resurgence for him, as it would be cool to see him be able to branch out from the goofy comedy he usually does that most of us love. The first Kick-Ass did wonders for Nicholas Cage, so let’s all hope that the same is done for Jim Carrey.

Check out the source link for more pictures of him, Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass, and 2 other characters walking the streets.

Kick-Ass 2, kicks its way into theaters on June 28, 2013, and also has Chloe Moretz as Hitgirl, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse returning as The Red Mist, who if it follows the comic, re-dubs himself THE MOTHERFUCKER. He creates his own “Supervillain” gang that includes a dangerous woman known as MOTHER RUSSIA.

source: Cinema Blend