when it seems Jim Carrey is ready to reinvigorate his once again stalled career (that’s what you get for associating yourself with a film that bombed my inbox for a month with the most asinine promotional campaign since that Applebees ad with the two schmucks singing about seafood entrees to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme), he goes and attaches himself to a banal comedy written by a former SNL-staffer whose best work is either a Robert Carradine-Billy Dee Williams buddy cop flick or Kelsey Grammer’s lone big-screen vehicle (I’m voting for the former because common sense dictates that you always err on the side of Golan-Globus).

The movie in question is Sober Buddies, the writer in question is Andrew Kurtzman and the studio hoping to get back in the Jim Carrey business for the first time since Bruce Almighty is Universal. (Kinda wish you’d waited for ol’ rubberface to cool down again before you greenlit that sequel without him, huh?) The movie is about an incorrigible alcoholic who gets his new wife (Lee Remick) hooked on the sauce because it’s awesome being drunk all the time. Or maybe it’s about a party animal of a software exec who gets saddled with a "sober buddy" by his company prior to an important business trip to Las Vegas.

Either way, this sounds completely uninspired. Personally, I’d rather Carrey opt for Glenn Ficarra’s and John Requa’s I Love You Philip Morris, especially since his last full-on dark comedy, The Cable Guy, has aged much, much better than his various mainstream successes. But he probably needs to reestablish himself as a brand first, and the best way to do that is to make an easily marketable piece of shit – which should be occupying four screens at your local megaplex sometime next year.