lot of people assumed it – hell, it’s on IMDB, although that’s no sign of truthiness – but I can tell you that it’s official: John Hurt is playing Abner Ravenwood in Indiana Jones IV. You probably remember him as the dad of Marion Ravenwood, Indy’s galpal from Raiders. Abner was Indy’s mentor, and was believed killed while searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Speaking of IMDB, fire up your accounts and update Shia LaBeouf’s entry in Indy IV – his character’s name is Mutt Ravenwood. Get it? We named the ‘mutt’ Indiana. ROFL, as the kids say. There’s more to it (including his character’s real name), but let’s not give the whole movie away this early. And let’s not give away the next two Indy films Shia is signed to as well. Sure everybody gets signed to three picture deals these days, but the buzz is that this franchise could live on as a generational saga if audiences love Shia as much as director Steven Spielberg does…

There’s more coming to CHUD from the set of this film, stuff that I’m sitting on right now to protect my sources but also to keep the movie from getting ruined. I do hope that as other sites gets information about the film they’ll do the same; Spielberg really wants to keep this movie’s secrets close to the vest, and that just won’t be happening in the modern age, but there’s no reason to blow every aspect of the film before it’s even finished shooting.

By the way, Steve, be careful of modern gadgets – everything has a camera in it now. You certainly wouldn’t want pictures of Cate Blanchett in her Soviet outfit with a tight black bob, tall boots and a sword in her belt getting out on the web, would you?