Even though Looper director Rian Johnson’s production have steadily grown in scale, he’s kept a close family of collaborators around him that includes folks like his composer, Nathan Johnson. As it happens, Nathan’s brother Zach is a talented visual artist and has produced illustrated posters for each of Rian Johnson’s films from Brick on, and his latest is no less awesome than the others. Check it out:

While the poster is great in and of itself, it’s also a teaser of sorts for an animated short of some kind that will debut on Apple on Monday to promote the film. Look out for that.

We’ve covered Looper to no end here, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it. I’m hoping to see it a few days early here at Fantastic Fest, but as you might imagine a pass is going to be a hot commodity, and so will the awesome Mondo poster by Martin Ansin that I’ve included at the bottom of the page. In any event, I think you’re well aware that Looper hit theaters on September 28th, and that this is a scifi event you cannot miss.

Here are the Brick and Brothers Bloom posters or yore from Zach Johnson.

And the MONDO poster for Looper:

Source | Looper Tumblr, Nathan Johnson Tumblr, JoBlo