Post-Drive, the makers of the English-language remake of Nicholas Winding Refn 1996 crime film are perfectly content with people thinking it’s Refn’s film. It is in fact a Luis Preto film, and the director is taking on Refn’s original with new cast members Richard Coyle, Bronso Webb, Agyness Deyn, as well as returning cast member Zlatko Buric reprising his role as the chipper gangster Milo these 16 years later. He hasn’t aged a day!


The trailer looks sharp, but it also looks just like Pusher Digital. There’s a manic, urgent quality to the first Pusher film that makes it so valuable, and I don’t know what purpose there is in remaking it. Do you strive for that same tone, or go for something different? Is it just a translation thing? I’m baffled, but at least there are a few hints of interesting photographic tricks in the trailer, and hopefully Refn’s involvement suggests there’s something worthwhile going on.

Oh, and the poster is nice!

In any event, you can catch the film on VOD on September 28th, with a limited theatrical run a month later. The film is debuting at Fantastic Fest shortly, so stay tuned for an impression from me.


via Film Stage