So WB has set their 2013 date for The Great Gatbsy- you can look for it on the May 10th of next year.

Oddly, even though a May date was always the plan since they changed the release, you’ll see a lot of people interpreting this as a dump. That might be true, except it’s been well established that not only can studios can open blockbusters in early may, they can open up blockbusters that will ultimately go on to smash records (The Avengers was May 4th, is what I’m alluding to).

So again, this could all be posturing, but WB has been consistently posturing that Great Gatsby is going to be a big movie they can open as a summer released. Considering they’re putting up against the second weekend of Iron Man 3, and a week before Star Trek Into Goddamn Darkness, you can read it however you like- it’s confident blockbuster counter-programming move into an open weekend, or it’s a dump with a built in excuse for failure.

Regardless of studio scheduling, I’m interested in seeing this thing. I have a feeling it will only take 10 or 15 minutes to determine if Luhrmann missed the point or not.