The tagline for the original Scary Movie‘s poster reads as follows: “No mercy. No shame. No sequel.” Right now we’re all wishing they’d kept that promise. Four films later we’re being treated to a most unholy union. And I’m not even referring to Friedberg/Seltzer:

Lindsay’s nightmare? Or yours?

That, if you were able to keep your eyes open, is your first still from the upcoming appropriately titled Scary Movie 5. The jokes write themselves when you get Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together. At least that’s what the filmmakers are banking on; after five films it’s becoming clear that “writing” is applied to these efforts in the loosest of terms. Director Malcolm D. Lee could have just as easily left set with the camera running, picked up a latte at Starbucks, and had a completed Scary Movie 5 waiting for him when he returned.

Wikipedia notes films up for parody treatment this time around include Black Swan (2010), Paranormal Activity (2007), Child’s Play (1988), 127 Hours (2010), and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) – ensuring that Undercover Brother is still the timeliest film Malcom D. Lee has ever directed.

Source: TWC