I’m not actually familiar with the cheesily badass Iron Patriot armor –the presence of which in Iron Man 3 has been confirmed by set photos like the one to the right– but I definitely wasn’t aware that it was going to end up being combined with War Machine at some point, as this new concept art promises. 

The armor has even been teased in artwork as a more normal suit (which also appears to be the case in that set photo), and honestly I’m starting to get overwhelmed by all the different suits, characters, and versions of suits that seem to be flying around this film. Especially since we know there’s going to be so many of them. I’m kind of pleased that I don’t know the basic plot of this film, and that it looks to have some fun twists and turns involved.

All faith in Shane Black remains, there are going to be cool suits, and I see know reason to be cynical (yet) about this one, which is a weird feeling for me concerning a Marvel film. Fingers still crossed.

Source | Daily Blam, Screenrant