While something you never want to hear, this is a story we keep coming across time and again on troubled productions.

Word comes from The Wrap that director Carl Rinsch has been removed from the Keanu Reeves fantasy samurai-epic 47 Ronin, currently in post-production. On the condition of anonymity, one involved party has gone so far as calling the process “a nightmare.” Here’s more from The Wrap’s story:

“One individual with knowledge of the production said Rinsch, who during preproduction seemed creative and competent, struggled to control the filmmaking process. The studio then stepped in to oversee the project from Los Angeles, taking charge of the editorial development, including the cut of the film.”

Much of it comes down to budgetary concern; so much so that Universal’s co-chairwoman, Donna Langley, is now the one overseeing the editing herself. When the budget for the 3D actioner ballooned from $175 million to now north of $225 million, the studio felt dramatic steps necessary.

Among those steps? Reshooting the end of the film. Initially, Reeve’s main character wasn’t involved in the final battle sequence – something that seems like a no-brainer for the sole Hollywood A-Lister in the film. I’d imagine Rinsch was involved in said reshoots, which reportedly took place in London. But it also sounds like the writing was on the wall at that point.

A most unfortunate development on what sounds to be a most unfortunate production. A film that was once scheduled to release on November 21st of this year is now, at last report, on tap for a Christmas 2013 release. A renewed focus on getting as much Keanu into the film sounds very familiar, as much the same situation is now happening with Channing Tatum regarding GI Joe 2. Still, it’s a shame for Rinsch as whatever vision he had for his first feature film is now being thoroughly done away with.