There’re few films I’ve enjoyed recently as much as I did Young Adult, and few performances as much as comedian Patton Oswalt’s in that film. Mr. Oswalt’s undoubtedly one of the top two or three stand-up performers working today; but with films like Adult and Big Fan he’s also carving out a place for himself in cinema. That is, when he’s not shaking a bag of magazines at parking attendants in his sweatpants – a regular pastime for the performer.

Which brings us to this trailer for Nature Calls, a film that sees Oswalt starring alongside Johnny Knoxville, Rob Riggle and the late Patrice O’Neal. Oswalt plays a scout master who kidnaps his brother’s (Knoxville) stepson and friends to take them on a scout trip. Simple enough. The film’s getting the Magnet release treatment with VOD availability on 10/4 followed by theatrical distribution a month later on 11/9.

Honestly, the trailer doesn’t instill a lot of good faith. I like the cast save for Riggle, whose comedy I find overbearing and coincidentally happens to be the worst thing about this trailer. But Oswalt, himself a huge film buff, has earned much good faith in his career choices thus far. So check out the trailer with an open mind and let us know what you think:


Source: Yahoo via Collider