In a year full of sure things that disappointed and write-offs that turned out surprisingly well, The Man With The Iron Fists is definitely a wild card. It definitely has the look of some off-shoot Tarantino work, but RZA definitely has a passion for this kind of thing, and a movie starring him as a weaponsmith in feudal China while people like Russell Crowe and Pam Grier are running around… well, that’s just weird. I consider that a good thing.

The following batch of pictures emphasizes the trailer’s promise of a colorful, violent, and slick mash-up that is one part fairy tale and one part Grindhouse.

I’ll be there on November 2nd, maybe even in a triple feature with Flight and Wreck-It Ralph which debut on the same day. While there’s no chance it will rule the weekend, there’s a good chance RZA will have provided some distinctive counter-programming.


Source | Indiewire (via Collider)