WildIf you read Where The Wild Things Are as a kid, you’ll understand why I say it’s a childhood touchstone – the kind that morphs into a generational pass-along. Whether it was the dark yet charming Caldecott winning illustrations, the realization of childhood imagination, the ability to dominate fear and subsequently wield its power, or living an adventure knowing there was always a warm meal at home, Where The Wild Things Are has stuck around.

Naturally, the book was destined for a big-screen adaptation, but it’s been stuck in its own generational pass-along over the last few years. Originally housed at Universal, Where the Wild Things Are moved to Warner Brothers after studio disagreements with steward and director Spike Jonez – which is a hopeful testament to something pleasant. If the picture MTV dug up is any indication, that’s an affirmative.

A few days ago, MTV* got its hands on a whimsical high-res pic from the film (view it here) – and it looks phenomenal. Interestingly, the monster legs look practical, which in a world of CGI is nothing but good as far as I’m concerned.

Where The Wild Things Are is set to make finally make its big-screen debut on October 3rd of next year (almost 8 years in coming) and stars a boy named Max as Max, as well as the voice talents of Catherine O’Hara and Forest Whitaker.

* Apologies for the small pic– I can’t seem to view the hi-res version when viewing the blog, but that’s not to say you can’t.