You’ve probably seen a ton of VFX breakdowns in your time, but I always love watching them for TV shows as there is usually as much focus on the subtle set extensions and other touch-up jobs as there is with the big effects moments like you see so much in blockbusters. In the case of Game Of Thrones, there is barely a shot where a castle isn’t being extended or distant mountains added in, and with Season 2 there was a much heavier presence of dragons, shadow men, and other creatures that required extensive CGI.

Below you can find three breakdowns, the first of which (in low quality, unfortunately) breaks down Season 2 effects, while the two HD videos that follow focus on effects from the entire series. You can definitely see the leap in quality from S1 to S2, as the fantasy world just gets bigger and more convincing. While there are plenty of big CGI mattes and other creations that you likely spotted right away, there’s surely just as many background enhancements that you would never catch. This is the kind of detail-oriented work from talented artists that provides the show such an enveloping and sophisticated world in which to tell its compelling stories.

The only problem with these videos is that it reminds me Game Of Thrones isn’t currently airing! At least Boardwalk Empire is going again- that one’s another HBO show which requires as much CGI to bring the early 1920’s to life as it does to create a fantasy world!

via Dark Horizons