a tangled series of references it takes to bring you an Oh Don Piano story about Kill Bill Parts 3 and 4 – a UPI story that references Chinese news site that references Hangzhou-based ‘City Paper’ quotes producer Bennett Walsh saying that not only is Quentin Tarantino pondering doing the two sequels, but Walsh has the plotline for you. Walsh supposedly said these things at the Shanghai International Film Festival, but I can’t find any actual quotes from Walsh, just paraphrasing. So take all of this with enough salt to send your blood pressure through the roof. According to the UPI report:

The third film tells the story of the revenge of two killers whose arms and eyes Uma Thurman hacked off in the first stories, and the fourth is said to concern a cycle of reprisals and daughters who avenge their mothers’ deaths, Hangzhou-based newspaper City Express quoted Bennett as saying.

I’m tempted to bring back the beloved TarantinoWatch icon for this one, but come on – we all know that this is bullshit. Right? Of course with QT who knows, but I’d rather see him move on to something else rather than retreat to doing sequels. Still, after seeing how the failure of Jackie Brown affected him, who can tell what Grindhouse flopping will do to the ever-stoned auteur?