On April 1st, there was a rumor (that turned out to be true, despite being posted on April Fool’s Day) that Platinum Dunes was vying for the rights to reboot the Halloween franchise yet again. Things went quiet, along with the fact that they didn’t get the rights after all. (Personally I’m still hoping for Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier to get theirs off the ground)

Now, for those that don’t know, when a production company or a director go to a studio, they do a “pitch”, or they’re own take on how they would do the film. Some studios go with that vision (which most of the time gets changed anyway), or they turn them down. I’ve always been of the mind that they just go in there, and verbally say and maybe with some storyboards show what they would do with the property.

Well, Platinum Dunes went ahead and animated a whole sequence of how they would do it. You know what? It actually isn’t that bad. It even has some cool first person shots. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing their take up on the big screen, even though it probably would look like all the rest of their films. It shows they had big plans for it, and yeah, it would probably have been really slick, but coming from Rob Zombie “Hicking” up the franchise with both of his entries, slick wouldn’t be all that bad.

Check it out.

source: Bloody-Disgusting