I’ve been a fan of Community since roughly last year when I bought Season 2. I got Season 1 when it came out, but a few episodes aside, it didn’t light a fire for me. I’ve even controversially stated that I laugh more at The Big Bang Theory, another show that I love. I really do wish though that Community: Season 4 goes beyond it’s initial 13 episode commitment, as it really is one of the best shows on television. Plus I want to keep seeing Leonard show up.

Casting James Brolin as Jeff’s Dad is a step in the right direction to keeping it on track to have a full season order.

Jeff’s Dad has been a constant part of the show’s mythology since the first season. Jeff hates his Father for leaving him, finally at the end of Season 3, he decided to search for him. The show has really gotten it right when casting guest spots. Last year had both John Goodman and Larry Cedar show up in guest spots that had many howling with laughter.

On the filpside of this is the fact that they may be introducing Jeff’s Dad within the initial 13 episodes, to “tie up loose ends” and send the show out with us finally seeing him. I really hope that isn’t the case.

Look for James Brolin to show up in the Thanksgiving episode.

source: EW