Please send letters. Writes:

I’m Nino from the Boards. I don’t post much there but I’m a frequent
reader. Other than that the main page is one of my most frequented
sites on the net.

I suppose you get a lot of mails and this
might just drown among them but I’d like to give it a shot anyway
because I was thinking about writing in for a long time now.

The Forums do cover about any aspect worth talking about but I
think one thing is missing. There frequently appear posts from users
asking for advice on everyday troubles. Anyone of us is bound to need
help in one time or the other in their lifes, and I suppose a forum of
the caliber of chud with it’s great variety of people isn’t too bad a
place to ask about opinions on certain issues. Even more so for people
who frequent the boards and feel kind of at home there. Still, most of
these threads keep getting spammed by users that don’t like the idea of
"whining" on a message board. I’ve seen people dish out great advice
and support for people with panic attacks and other problems, and I
like that part of the boards a great deal. Anyway, my suggestion would
be to maybe add a forum just for that purpose. A "Real Life
Problems"-Board with a clear hint for anyone who doesn’t like the idea
of such kind of thing to keep their opinions to themselves and let the
"whiners" whine.

Nick Replies: We have THE CHEWERS section for that. We call our readers "Chewers" and they often use that forum for advice and whatnot. Cries for help. Legit queries. Attempts to hog attention. Big posts to say that they’re leaving in order to get a reaction. Whatever seems to fit. Check it out HERE.

Nathan Writes:

I really enjoyed the movie Primer, from 2004 –and I’m
just wondering if the director, Shane Carruth was making another movie or if
you might have information regarding a follow up as I’m unable to locate any
info. on the net. (which is odd).

Would you know or how to find out?

I greatly appreciate your time and any info.

Nick Replies: Apparently he’s secretly at work on something. We just don’t know what!

Aurelio Writes:

Hi! Im Aurelio, writing from Spain (this I tell so
you can forgive my surely weird english).
First of all, I love your site.

Once said that, I have to tell you that right now,
it seems there is some technical issue with your site… it slows down the
browser to the point of crashing it, I’ve tried with mozilla and IE, in
different computers, and its the same. It seems there is something that doesnt
stop loading, maybe a banner or something.

I hope you can fix it.

Nick Replies: Sometimes we’ll have an ad that manhandles the whole shebang. Often, it’s fixed before we notice. Sometimes it isn’t. I hope the problem is fixed. If it isn’t, get ready for the NEW CHUD SITE hopefully this summer.

Joshua Writes:

I just wanted to say I agree with you entirely about how people are
reacting to the HALO 3 Beta. It’s a free Beta, and they’re all whining just because of a
minor delay. The way I see it is; The longer it takes to make a game,
the better. They get more bugs fixed, and get more time to do private
testing, as well as put in more content. It’s really sad that people
react this way to something that they’re being given. I mean, from what
I heard, they’re extending the Beta because of it, so there’s really no
reason to complain.

I haven’t been on Live in a couple years, ever since Halo 2
came out. That was about the only time I played online, aside from
XBConnect, but that was horribly laggy. I personally hope that the Beta
comes with a bit of single player, though. I don’t have a router, so
it’s either my 360, or my PC that gets to go online. If it’s single
player, I get to download it, connect my PC directly to my 360, and
stream music to jam out to while I play. Otherwise, I’ll just have to
listen to the Halo music, which isn’t a bad thing, but I would prefer a
bit of Stone Sour while I’m fragging.

Well, I’m glad at least one person took this maturely. Take care, and maybe I’ll see you on Live sometime.

Nick Replies: The whole stink of the download ordeal was a distant memory once people played the Beta for a few hours. Totally moot. I played the living shit out of the Beta and though I’m not that good (1:3 Death to Kill Ratio), I love it. I cannot wait for September and plan to once again hold massive parties for system-linked matches as well as LIVE ones. The furor was so unfounded it was silly. And, keep in mind… I cleared MY DAY for that Beta too, and though it came much later than I hoped or planned, I rolled with it. What else are you going to do?

Ryan Writes:

article on Devin’s trouble with FOX. I have a friend who works for Marvel, and
he told me that FOX wouldn’t allow them to have an advanced corporate screening
of FF2. They’ve had advanced screenings for all the past Marvel character
movies, even FF1. He tells me that the only problems they’ve had with
screenings have been with X-Men 1 and FF2, both FOX movies. It shocks me,
really. These are Marvel’s characters!

also wanted to ask, what ever happened to CRISIS ON INFINITE COMIC ADAPTATIONS
PART 3? I’ve been looking out for it, but haven’t seen it. Will we be seeing it

CHUD. I’ve been reading it for years. Keep it up, guys!

Nick Replies: Ask Devin about that article. I know he was pretty amped about it. As for the studio stuff, signs are good that CHUD and FOX have put their tumult behind them and are holding hands warmly for a bright and slightly homoerotic future.

Renn Writes:

Perhaps you’ve all
tackled this without me realizing it, but I was hoping that in the near future
perhaps you could centralize all the different Chud Lists. Often times I want
to show my friends or reference them myself so even a small listing at the
bottom of the site under "regular columns" or something would be
excellent. I ask because even a google search brings frustratingly little
result. Thanks to you and all the crew.

Nick Replies: The new site will please you. It’s not a redesign. It’s a re-imagining. It’ll be glorious.

Neil Writes:

I really hate to be
the douchebag to e-mail this to you, because, as a writer, I try not to be
over-critical, but it’s something that’s been bothering me for awhile now on
CHUD: the overuse of asterisks and parentheses. While fine sparingly, I find
that most every CHUD article now uses them regularly to include outside
thoughts, facts, comments, whatever. Frankly, I see it as lazy, and thus poor,
writing. This type of train-of-thought writing, in my opinion, can make things
difficult to follow.

For example: If I see an asterisk, I feel compelled to jump to the end of the
story to see what it’s in reference to. Then I go back up, lose my place, and
forget what I was reading about. Conversely, if I wait until I get to the
bottom of a lengthy article (see today’s "1982" article — oops, parentheses!)
I forget what the footnote was made in reference to. And really long
parentheses that go off on a tangent accomplish the same frustration.

Again, as someone who writes for a living, I understand how difficult it can be
sometimes, and I still love CHUD’s style, delivery and focus. Hell, I even fell
victim to my own criticism in this note. But as the chief cook over there, I
was hoping you could at least pass on word to the gang that I prefer my cinema
cynicism to be easily digestible, not scatterbrained.

Thanks for reading, good luck with 11CA, Meg, etc., and keep up the great work.

Nick Replies: I have gotten a lot more positive responses than negative in regards to the rise in parentheticals. They’ve always been a part of my limited toolbox, so I ain’t gonna stop. Bottom line: If they’re funny what’s the damage? If they’re crap, call the writer out via email or on the boards.

Thanks for the well wishes, and since Steve Alten let the cat out on IMDB… MEG will NOT be happening at New Line and I’ll bite my tongue before I say anything else. We’re hoping to move forward and make our descent into new territory.