Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Brokencyde, a screamo/gangsta/crunk outfit hailing from ‘Albucrazy’ New Mexico.

I knew I fucking hated Albuquerque for a reason. Now I know what it is.

This shit is so rotten that if someone put these guys in a movie I’d assume it was cheap, unfunny satire. This is the worst thing I’ve seen since I found that pustule on the end of my dick, and it might be the worst thing I’ve heard EVER. Click here to go to the MySpace page for this travesty.

I feel like white people have been getting away with a lot of bullshit for the last ten years or so – America accepted all this emo nonsense and a whole bevy of All American Assfuck bands have been allowed to lay waste to an entire generation. But this? This is going too far. I refuse to allow the existance of a band that makes me look back on Limp Bizkit fondly.

White people,. clean up your mess or you’re going to have someone else clean it up for you.