Hold on tight, Alice. We’re about to make our way through the looking glass:

Some day everyone will be able to visit Skywalker Ranch and it’ll be the world’s biggest yard sale – as every single aspect of Star Wars will be made available for purchase in any form imaginable. Think of the most ridiculous item you can imagine and chances are it’s already for sale in one form or another. Which brings us to the “Star Wars AT-AT Walker Pet Costume” available for purchase right here.

I’m not a hypocrite, so I have to cop to my Lando occasionally sporting a Chicago Bears jersey on game day. But it’s not lost on me that no animal actually has the desire to be dressed in these ridiculous outfits. I doubt there are many dogs reading this hoping their owner produces an AT-AT costume they can call their own this Halloween.

Still, imagine your reaction if you’re a kid trick-or-treating and the above-pictured beast answers the door with their master. I suppose there are worse things in the world…

Source: Slashfilm, Fashionably Geek