I still can’t believe we’re getting a sequel to the most excellent Kick-Ass. A shame that Matthew Vaughn is not the driving creative force, but I’ll take it. Those delightful British chaps over at Daily Mail have been delivering on the set pics lately. Today’s no different with the release of this picture of Hit Girl on the set of Kick-Ass 2. Except it’s not really Chloe Moretz you see, it’s her stunt double. Which raises the question: How does one get the job of being a stunt double for a 15 year-old?

The suit’s seen a few minor tweaks sporting a look that’s slightly more Dark Knight* with plated some armor and more complicated detailing. The trademark plaid skirt remains intact and something about the metallic purple gun handle feels like a lovely little touch. Kick-Ass 2 will be renewing its commitment to murderous vigilantism in May of 2013. Below I’ve included a few more pics from Daily’s article, including one of Moretz and a homeless person who bears striking resemblance to Aaron Johnson:


*Anyone else getting sick of drawing up that comparison? Renn made note that Robocop seems to be taking a similar approach. Honestly, it’s a costume design trend I wouldn’t mind seeing less of.

Source: Daily Mail