news sure to blow Mark Millar’s hair right off his head*,Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in Superman II, has signed on to appear in the adaptation of Millar’s comic book Wanted.

We have no idea what role Stamp will be playing in the movie version of the darkly funny, hard edged comic about a world where supervillains have killed off all the heroes and taken over, especially because it seems like the movie has thrown away just about every single background element of the original comic book. The movie stars James McAvoy as a young man who discovers his father was one of the world’s greatest assassins. Angelina Jolie is the sexy woman who teaches him how to kill. Morgan Freeman’s in there as well. The movie also features Three Fates, who tell assassins who needs to be removed from the world – pretty stupid, all told, and the original concept was fresher.

Wanted is shooting right now in Prague. Stamp has also been slumming it by appearing in Get Smart with Steve ‘Jesus Christ, my big movie this weekend will never make back its 200 million dollar cost, will it?’ Carrell.

*Millar is a huge fan of the original Donner Superman movie, and has said it was the reason why he writes comics today. I’m assuming that affection stretches to Superman II. And knowing how perverse he is, possibly III and IV: The Quest for Peace.