of just bumping the one article for the CHUD Podcast,
I’m going to give each installment their own so that we can build this
thing up a little better and keep it fresh. Of course fresh isn’t
exactly on the menu with these shows due to the meandering craziness of
them, but you get my drift.

#21 – The Division (Tobin) Bell

Yeah, we’ve been lollygagging. But it was just to make you sweat. Now, you’re all dirty and you need a spanking for being a bad boy. I could do this all day. Alas, there’s actually a podcast to talk about. This one’s super light on "producer" Micah Robinson and "syphilitic" Steve Murphy. Nick and Justin take the rock downtown and everywhere else in between by touching on Nancy Drew, The Fantastic Four, Mr. Brooks, as well as much more hip and timely subjects like Dana Wheeler-Nicholson and how good Cuba Gooding Jr. has it. It’s a cornucopia of pleasures that awaits ya. Plus, Fabfunk’s back on the hotline…and this time…he’s sober.




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