Rob Zombie is rounding out a full decade of being a voice in the horror film world, as 2013 marks ten years since the much-delayed release of House Of 1000 Corpses. His fifth feature film, Lords Of Salem, is his most modestly-budgeted yet (a mere $2.5 million), and has already started dividing audiences with its debut at TIFF.

I’m eager to see the film for myself (the reactions from people I trust have ranged from “interesting!” to ¬†outright “good!”), and I’m pleased to say Anchor Bay will be my huckleberry. The studio picked up the film –which went into its screening with a lot of buyer interest– out of Toronto and will presumably set it for a 2013 release. I’m assuming a VOD / Theatrical hybrid on this one, which has seemingly worked pretty well for the similarly micro-budgeted horror flick V/H/S.

The LA Times has a nice story about Zombie’s aversion to explaining himself or engaging with creepy Q&A attendees you should check out here.


Source | Hitfix